One of the problems with vacuum cleaners is that for the most part, most of them tend to be corded. This means that combine that with the bulky storage compartment, dragging it around with you around the house can be troublesome, especially when moving from room to room and the power cable isn’t long enough.


However Dyson is here to save the day, so to speak, with the launch of the Cyclone V10 which is a cordless vacuum cleaner. As you can see in the image above, the fact that it is cordless means that you can just walk around the entire house without worrying about pulling cables or finding suitable power plugs.

The downside that we can see from this design is that the bin would be smaller than regular full-sized vacuum cleaners, but given that it is easy to eject the dirt and dust simply by pointing it at a bin and ejecting it out, it shouldn’t be an issue emptying it. The Cyclone V10 is faster than its predecessor with spinning speeds up to 125,000 rpm, and is also 20% lighter.

The Cyclone V10 will also last users about an hour before requiring a recharge, and will also feature battery and filter indicators on its side. As for pricing, once again given that this is a Dyson product, it won’t come cheap with the Cyclone V10 being priced at $500.

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