When it comes to discovering new projects and campaigns to fund on Kickstarter, the onus usually falls to the funder to try and seek out projects that they might be interested in. However Kickstarter is changing that up with a new pilot program called Kickstarter Patrons in which the focus will be on the funders, not the fundees.


Basically as the name implies, Kickstarter Patrons will be about seeking patrons to fund projects on a larger/more expensive scale, as opposed to regular Kickstarter campaigns where those interested can fund projects with as little as $10. Kickstarter will also help to direct Patrons towards projects and campaigns that they think are in alignment with what they believe in.

According to Kickstarter, “Each Kickstarter Patron we select for the program makes a public commitment to support campaigns through a series of pledges that are $1,000 or greater. Our team then points them toward projects that align with their mission. And they select which projects they want to get behind just as any other backer would, to push them one step closer to reality and follow the journey along the way.”

According to Kickstarter, this Patrons can be used for both non-profit and for-profit. For example at the launch of Patrons, Kickstarter has teamed up with AmDoc (non-profit) and Pinewood Atlanta Studios (for-profit) to help create documentaries and movies. For those who are interested in Kickstarter’s latest efforts, you can head on over to its Patrons website for the details.

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