A report from last week suggested that Mario Tennis Aces could be launched in June. This was based on a listing on Amazon which had the game listed for the 22nd of June. Turns out the listing was pretty spot on as Nintendo has confirmed during its latest Direct presentation that Mario Tennis Aces will indeed be launched on the 22nd of June.

In addition to providing Switch gamers with a specific release date, Nintendo also shared more details about the upcoming game. This includes the various features that gamers can expect from the game, such as the different power moves and techniques that players can use to try and beat their opponents.


This includes performing super moves that if not “blocked” properly have a chance of destroying your opponent’s racquet and knocking them out for that round. Other features include a “bullet time” like technique where you can slow down time in order to return volleys that you might have otherwise missed.

However there will also be more simple modes of play where players can just play a regular round of tennis if they so choose. The game will allow up to four players at once which should make Mario Tennis Aces a good game for parties. Gamers who want to see more can check out the trailer above for the details.

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