Have you ever wanted a pet but your building management won’t allow it? Or that you’re too busy? Or maybe you just love cats but are unfortunately allergic to them? The good news is that thanks to technology, you will now be able to raise a cat minus all the hassle, costs, and responsibility that comes with raising a real life one.


This is thanks to InnoVision who will be bringing their Meow ARCat app onto Android. At the moment the app is available on iOS devices, but following the launch of Google’s ARCore, Meow ARCat will be one of the debut apps that will help celebrate the framework’s launch. Of course not all devices will be compatible at the start so not everyone will be able to take advantage of the app just yet.

For those who are learning about Meow ARCat for the first time, this is like a souped up version of the Tamagotchi. Users will be able to raise a virtual cat but through the use of augmented reality, they will be able to superimpose this cat into the real world, so it will feel like you’re actually raising and playing a real-life cat. It is a very cute app and you can check out the demo of the app in the video above.

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