When it comes to creating something, people are usually inspired by something, such as a book, a movie, something someone said, inspired by nature, and so on. However could it be possible that when the iPhone was invented, musician Moby might have had a hand in its creation?

That’s why he seems to believe, because in an interview with The Guardian, he believes that he helped to invent the iPhone. Apparently it all stemmed from the launch of iTunes, where Moby said that he told an Apple executive that they needed some kind of proprietary MP3 player. It seems that they weren’t keen on it at the start, but a couple of years later Moby was gifted the iPod and told him that Steve Jobs wanted him to have it.

He then said, “‘You do know at some point this is going to have a camera and a phone attached to it?’ And they laughed at me and said that could never happen.” Whether or not that story is true or an exaggeration of the actual event is unclear, but even Moby himself admits this where he said he was “hesitant to talk about this because it sounds either like nonsense, or self-aggrandizing.”

Regardless we wouldn’t be surprised if the creation of the iPhone was inspired by various external factors, but either way it does make for an interesting story.

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