Bedside tables are relatively straightforward pieces of furniture, where they serve as a place for you to place your phone, a reading lamp, a glass of water, and so on. It is an uncomplicated piece of furniture, but it seems that over on Indigogo, Sobro Design has launched a campaign for the Smart Side Table (via iMore).


This is a small table designed to be placed by your bedside (or the side of a couch, wherever) and as its name suggests, will come with various “smarts”. The table’s surface itself will come with an integrated wireless charging pad that can support two phones. There are also f our USB charging ports, and two 120v outlets at the back with cord management.

That covers your charging needs, but what about your drinks? The bottom of the table will feature a thermoelectric cooler drawer that keeps your favorite drinks chilly. There is also a built-in LED on the bottomside of the table which will help provide some soft illumination so that you don’t trip at night or when you’ve just woken up in the morning.

Last but not least, there are also built-in Bluetooth speakers which means that you can enjoy your music or movies without having to plug in additional speakers. It will also come with a bunch of storage options for your other items, so there’s that. Unfortunately in terms of pricing, it is pretty damn expensive as it will retail for $900. However early Indiegogo backers can pledge a minimum of $299 to get as much as 66% off the retail price.

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