In a bid to get more schools and educational institutions to use their products and services, Apple recently held and education event in which they unveiled a new and affordable iPad with Apple Pencil support which will be priced at $299 for schools. However in addition to this, Apple also announced free iCloud storage for students.


According to Apple, Apple student accounts through schools will be eligible to receive a free 200GB iCloud storage account. As it stands Apple only offers a measly 5GB of storage for free to all users, and as you can imagine the bump from 5GB to 200GB is a huge leap and naturally some customers aren’t too thrilled by it.

Note that this isn’t the same as Apple Music student pricing where students with a valid .edu email address can signup for it. Instead students can only get it with school provided Apple IDs. We’re not sure what will happen when students graduate and if they can keep the 200GB account, but we imagine probably not.

As it stands Apple offers iCloud storage in three paid tiers where 50GB (the base tier) is priced at $0.99 every month. This is followed by 200GB at $2.99 a month, and 2TB at $9.99 a month. Granted they are relatively affordable but hey, free is always better, right?

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