For many years now it has been rumored that Apple could be working on their own chips for their Mac computers. However a recent report from Bloomberg has revealed that come 2020, Apple could very well move away from Intel, a move which according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, could save Apple as much as $500 million a year.


Apple is no stranger when it comes to being self-sufficient as the company usually chooses to use their own components where possible. Speaking broadly this is evidenced in its products like the iPhone where Apple designed the phone, its features, and also its operating system, so Apple ditching Intel to use its own chips doesn’t come as a surprise.

According to analyst Wamsi Mohan, he estimates that by making their own chips, Apple could save $500 million a year which makes sense since Apple will not have to pay Intel anymore. There are also other benefits to using their own chips, as pointed out in the previous report. Aside from saving money, making their own chips means Apple can further optimize their hardware and software, and will no longer have to wait on Intel’s release schedules.

The report also indicated that Apple’s move to their own chipsets in 2020 will be a gradual one, meaning that it won’t affect their entire product range in one shot.

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