With smartwatches designed to be worn on our wrists all day, this is where battery safety is critical. This is because the idea of your watch exploding on your wrist is something we’re sure everyone would like to avoid. The good news is that if you’re the owner of the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple has apparently launched a 3-year repair program for it.


In a document obtained by 9to5Mac, Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers are now apparently servicing Apple Watch Series 2 models that have swollen batteries or those that won’t power on. In the case of the former, thankfully we haven’t really heard reports of users claiming their Apple Watches have exploded on them, but swollen batteries are never a good sign and users can now take them in to get it fixed.

Given that it has been a while since the Apple Watch Series 2 was launched, this repair program will fix swollen batteries for free even if your device is no longer covered by the warranty. This will cover 42mm Series 2 Apple Watch models in the Sport, Nike+, Hermès, and Edition lines. There is no mention of the 38mm model which means that there is a good chance that the larger 42mm models are the ones that are more affected by this.

As 9to5Mac points out, there have been several reports of users experiencing their Apple Watch batteries expand for no reason which can be rather alarming, so we guess it’s good that Apple is finally getting on it even if it might have taken them a while.

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