Just like how schools are motivated to have a high pass rate, the same can be said for tuition teachers where they can use those successes to try and attract more students to their services. However not all tuition teachers are going about this the right way, and according to a report from Channel NewsAsia (via 9to5Mac), some are using some pretty sophisticated (and illegal) methods to get their students to pass.


The report claims that a tuition teacher, Tan Jia Yan, in Singapore has pleaded guilty to helping her students cheat in exams. She was also said to have three accomplices, Zeus Education Centre’s principal Poh Yuan Nie and fellow teachers Fiona Poh Min and Feng Riwen, although the trio have challenged the charges laid against them.

Like we said, this involved a rather complex setup where the students would hide their phones in their clothes and wear skin-color earpieces so as not to draw attention to them, where they would then feed the students the answers to the questions. According to the report:

Tan, who had also registered for the GCE O-Levels as a private candidate, would sit for the exams as well. She had an iPhone attached to the front of her blouse with scotch tape and wore a jacket to hide it. Once the exam had started, Tan would connect via Facetime with the principal, Poh and Feng, who were stationed at Zeus’ premises, giving them a live feed of the exam questions.

At the tuition centre, the trio would scramble to find answers to the questions, then call each of the six students and read the answers to them.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen hi-tech methods of cheating in schools. Given our modern technology, gone are the days of hiding answers rolled up inside pens or scribbling them on our arms.

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