iTunes for Windows has always been available as a download via Apple’s website. However if you prefer compartmentalizing all your apps and downloads from a particular storefront, then you’ll be pleased to learn that iTunes is finally available via the Microsoft Store, almost a year after it was announced.


Microsoft announced their plans last year to bring iTunes onto the Microsoft Store. This was a surprising move by Microsoft and Apple considering their rivalry, but we suppose there is a benefit to both sides where Microsoft could encourage users to use its Store and Apple would have gained potentially more users with little effort on their end since it’s more or less the same app.

We’re not sure what took Microsoft or Apple so long to bring the app onto the Microsoft Store, but we suppose better late than never. That being said, it should be noted that since it is installed via the Microsoft Store, updates will come from the store as opposed to the regular version of iTunes in which you can pull the update directly from Apple.

This is similar to how apps work on mobile devices where they will be pulled from iTunes/Google Play as opposed to directly from the developer. There is an upside to this and that is it will not install other Apple software like iCloud, so if you’re trying to reduce the bloat this is a good way to go about it.

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