Spotify Could Reveal New Mobile App & Hardware At Next Week’s Event

We have been hearing rumblings about Spotify possibly looking to shake things up where they might be launching a new in-app digital assistant and also revamping its free music tier. Now it seems that could all soon be revealed, according to an invite the company has sent out for an event that will be taking place next week.

According to the invite, the event is expected to take place on the 24th of April which is next week and that based on the invite, it seems that it is expected to focus on Spotify’s mobile app. Like we said, the company appears to be testing a digital assistant for its mobile app and it is possible that more will be revealed at the event itself.

However what was interesting about the previous report was that it seemed to suggested that the digital assistant could be a way for Spotify to lead into an announcement of their own hardware, such as smart speakers in which job listings have hinted at. No word on whether or not these devices will be unveiled at the event, but we suppose anything’s possible. Either way do check back with us next week on the 24th of April if you’d like all the official details.

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