According to the various reports we’ve been hearing over the past several months to a year, it seems like Apple is cooking up a bunch of shows ranging from documentaries, TV series, comedy, drama, and so on. However the big question many are asking is on which platform does Apple plan on debuting them on?

Turns out it might be through the TV app, or at least in part. This is according to a report from Bloomberg in which their sources have told them that Apple could be planning to use the TV app to sell subscriptions to certain video services. It actually makes sense because the TV app is available on the Apple TV, iPhones, and iPads, which means that it is almost universally available across Apple’s ecosystem (save for the Mac).

It also makes more sense than using Apple Music which probably wouldn’t be the first platform you’d think of if you wanted to watch shows. At the moment Apple’s TV app basically consolidates the various streaming services into a single app and it’s more about the convenience than anything, where users can just navigate the various services within a single app as opposed to switching apps.

Unsurprisingly Apple has declined to comment on the rumors, but like we said, many have been curious about how Apple plans on releasing its shows and so far this sounds like the most plausible way, but you should probably take it with a grain of salt for now.

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