If revenge-style movies like Taken are your cup of tea, then chances are you might be familiar with the John Wick franchise starring Keanu Reeves. The franchise has successfully spawned two movies with a third in the works that has been confirmed for a release on the 17th of May, 2019.


To hype the upcoming launch of the movie, which is set for exactly a year later, the official John Wick Twitter account has since posted a short teaser trailer if you can call it that. It basically shows a video of John Wick standing in the rain with a soundtrack of the movie playing in the background.

It is unclear as to what the plot will be for the third movie in the series, but presumably it will pick up where the second movie left off, which shows John Wick now being hunted by assassin’s all over the world. There is also no word on whether or not John Wick 3 will be the last in the series or if Reeves plans to keep churning them out, but we suppose it will largely depend on how well it is received.

In the meantime Starz has confirmed that a TV series called “The Continental” will be launched on its network. The series will be based on the franchise and will explore the world of John Wick even further.

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