Music streaming individually is not particularly expensive at around $10 a month. However imagine if you have a family of five, this means that if everyone were to subscribe it would cost $50 a month, and this is where we’re seeing companies offer its subscribers a cheaper alternative in the form of family plans.

We’ve seen Apple and Spotify offer up family plans, but if Pandora is more up your alley, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Pandora has also announced their own family plan. Dubbed the Premium Family plan, this plan will cost users $15 a month which puts it on par with other music streaming services.

With this family plan, users will be able to grant up to six family members access to Pandora’s premium service. This means that there will be no ads and will offer up better quality audio streaming. Users who are already subscribed to the regular individual plan can switch plans at anytime, just head on over to the Settings menu, hit “Switch Plans”, and they’ll be good to go.

So far Pandora isn’t quite up there with the rest of the streaming platforms with the company recently confirming that they have a little over 5 million paid subscribers, but it is possible that this new family plan could encourage more users to hop on board.

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