With WWDC 2018 coming up in a few weeks, we’re sure many are wondering what Apple could announce at the event. While we suppose we can expect to learn more about new major updates to iOS and macOS, it seems that Siri could be getting some new features as well, namely more voice options.

As it stands Siri’s voice options are somewhat limited but in a report from The Apple Post, it appears that Siri could be getting a new voice at WWDC 2018. This was revealed when the publication asked Siri about Apple’s upcoming event, in which the digital assistant replied by saying that she would be getting a brand new voice which will most likely be part of the iOS 12 release.

Considering that Google also unveiled new voice options for Google Assistant during I/O 2018, and Amazon giving developers more voice flexibility, we suppose it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to learn that Apple could be doing the same. Also what’s interesting is that when prompted further, Siri revealed that she would be getting a “shiny new home”, hinting that a new HomePod could be unveiled as well.

We have heard rumors that Apple could be planning a more affordable version of the HomePod and more recently, those rumors claim that it could be a $200 Beats-branded version of the HomePod. It is unclear if this is what Siri was referring to but we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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