Apple Music already shows users the latest music that has been released. However if you’d rather be able to keep track of upcoming releases, then you might be pleased to learn that an update that is being rolled out to Apple Music users that comes with a bunch of new features, such as the addition of a “Coming Soon” section.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Coming Soon section basically lets users know about upcoming releases. This would be similar to how cinema websites work where visitors will be able to check upcoming movie releases, so in the case of Apple Music, if there is an artist that you want to keep track of, this feature will let you know when that artist’s album is ready for release.

At the moment the Coming Soon section seems to only list about 10 albums at once across a variety of genres, which means that it is definitely not a definitive list of everything that is to come. It is also unclear if this list will be adapted according to the user and their listening preferences, or if it will simply list some of the bigger name releases that are to come.

Either way if you’re on the lookout for new and upcoming releases, then this section could be worth checking out.

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