Reports from last year suggested that Netflix for the Nintendo Switch was ready for launch and pending approval from Nintendo. That clearly did not happen as fast forward more than half a year later, we’re still waiting. In fact earlier this year there were reports that suggested that Netflix for the Switch would still be quite a ways away.

However could Nintendo surprise us at E3 2018? According to a recent listing on Best Buy, it seems that they have hinted that both Netflix and YouTube will be available on the Nintendo Switch. The listing also mentions Hulu which is already launched on the Switch, so it seems that there is a chance this listing could be accurate.

Nintendo is expected to make some Switch-related announcements at its E3 conference this week. A lot of games are expected to be announced, such as more details about Super Smash Bros., along with the launch of some new ones. However based on this it sounds like Nintendo could be getting ready to announce some new services as well.

In any case the logos seem to have been removed from the listing. Considering the Switch isn’t a new console, we doubt that Best Buy would have mentioned Netflix and YouTube in error, which means that chances are Nintendo might have asked them to remove it until after the announcement. However take it with a grain of salt and check back with us soon for more Nintendo E3 details.

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