Image credit – Jonathan Olley/Walt Disney Pictures/LucasFilm

Recently there was a report that suggested that following the lukewarm reception of the Han Solo movie that the studio decided that they would put the Star Wars story films on hold. For those unfamiliar, these story films are basically Star Wars movies based on content that exists outside of the trilogy.

Take for example Rogue One, which while related to the current trilogy, told a different story from a different perspective. However for those who are enjoying the concept, you’ll be pleased to learn that the previous report has since been denied. According to ABC News, Lucasfilm has told them that there are still multiple films in development that have yet to be announced, and that the previous report was characterized as “inaccurate”.

Films do flop from time to time and we doubt that one movie is enough to derail Disney’s plans for the Star Wars franchise. Not to mention we’ve been hearing reports that there are plans to launch a standalone Obi-Wan movie as well as a Boba Fett movie. It would be a shame if these characters were not explored on film, especially for those who might not necessarily follow the lore from the books and comics.

That being said it is unclear when these movies will launch, but we know that Star Wars Episode IX is scheduled for a release in 2019 which will conclude the current arc.

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