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One of the new features that Apple announced in iOS 12 is that Siri would be getting a new feature called Shortcuts. This is essentially similar to Google Home’s Routines where you could group together a bunch of different commands that Siri could execute at all once. For example in the morning you could get it to open the blinds, turn on the coffee machine, crank the thermostat, and so on.


Unfortunately for Apple, it seems that they might have run into some legal trouble with the logo that they chose to represent the Shortcuts app with. A UK company called Shift is claiming that Apple had stolen their logo and is asking Apple to change their logo or pay them £150,000, which as you can see in the image above does bear some similarities.

According to the cease and desist letter sent to Apple that was seen by The Sun, “Our client has spent and continues to spend substantial time and effort in advertising, and promoting its mark as the source of its downloadable application. Customers have come to recognise and associate the Shift trademark as the source of our client’s product. As a result, the Shift trademark has become an asset of susbtantial value and a symbol of our client’s goodwill.”

However some have pointed out that their shapes are different and so are the colors used, which means that it is unlikely that people would get confused between either of them. It is unclear if Apple plans to fight these claims but what do you guys think?

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