We know that Sonos has integrated Alexa into its speakers and that’s largely thanks to Amazon who decided right out of the gate that they would make Alexa available to third-party developers and companies. However not everyone likes or wants to use Alexa as some might prefer Google Assistant or even Siri.

Speaking of Siri, the semi-good news is that if you wanted to see a Sonos speaker with Siri, it seems that the company is open to the idea. Speaking to The Verge, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence’s comments seem to suggest that if Apple were to allow it, they wouldn’t mind integrating it.

According to Spence, “I think, at this point, Apple needs to decide if they’re going to be opening Siri to third parties, but we have a good relationship with Apple, and we’ve had some conversations on this and look forward to having more.” As it stands Apple has made Siri available to developers, but perhaps not on the level that Sonos was hoping for.

At the moment for those who are seeking a set of speakers that does feature Siri integration, your best (and only) bet would be the HomePod. This also means that perhaps Apple doesn’t want other speakers to use Siri as it would make the HomePod less compelling, but who knows, things could change in the future.

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