Twitter has seriously been clamping down on malicious activity on its platform. It has suspended millions of accounts so far this year and it appears that the company has ramped up its efforts in recent months. A new report claims that Twitter has suspended more than 70 million accounts in the past two months alone.

The Washington Post reports that the rate of Twitter account suspensions for May and June 2018 is double the company’s suspension rate for October 2017.

Twitter revealed in a detailed blog post last month how it’s fighting spam and malicious automation on its platform. It’s developing machine learning tools which will identify and take action on networks of spammy or automated accounts. The company also mentioned that in May 2018, its systems identified and challenged over 9.9 million potentially spammy or automated accounts every week.

The scribe also mentions that this increased rate of account suspensions is likely going to result in a decline in Twitter’s usage numbers for the second quarter of this year, however, a Twitter executive told the publication that many of the accounts that were suspended rarely tweeted. That tends to be the case with spammy accounts.

Thus this would not impact Twitter’s active user count significantly. It can only be ascertained whether or not this exercise has had any major impact on the numbers once Twitter releases its official figures for the quarter.

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