It has been more than a year since Apple refreshed their 12-inch MacBook laptops. However it seems that we could be getting closer to an announcement because according to reports, it appears that some retailers are running low on stock on the laptop, suggesting that they could be winding down their orders for the current-gen model in anticipation of the refresh.

Not much is known about the 12-inch MacBook’s refresh for now as the focus seems to have been on Apple’s MacBook Pros (which has since been announced), as well as the MacBook Air, which some seemed to believe at the start could be replaced by the 12-inch MacBook lineup (that has yet to happen).

However there is a good chance that whatever refreshes the MacBook Air is getting, the 12-inch MacBook will get as well. We also have to wonder whether or not the new butterfly keyboard mechanism from the 2018 MacBook Pro will find its way into the MacBooks given how thin it is, but hopefully it will.

Apple will be announcing their new iPhones at an event that will most likely be scheduled for September. The Cupertino company will most likely not announce new Mac computers then, which means that the refresh announcement (if there is one at all) will probably happen in October. That being said if you are considering a new MacBook laptop, it might be a good idea to hold off for a few months if you have no immediate need for one.

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