Apple’s MacBook lineup of computers are by no means affordable, with its cheapest model possibly being the MacBook Air. However there have been rumors that Apple could be planning the launch of a new entry-level 13-inch MacBook that could potentially replace the MacBook Air as an entry-level model.

The laptop has yet to be officially launched but according to DigiTimes, one of the possible reasons for its supposed “delay” was due to the fact that Apple was forced to redesign the laptop. The report claims that Apple had aimed for a Q4 2017 launch but due to Intel’s next-gen chipsets having been delayed, Apple had to turn to the use of the larger 14nm Kaby Lake processors.

As a result of having to use the larger chip, Apple had to redesign the internals of the laptop to get it to fit. If you’ve ever seen an Apple presentation or a teardown of any of its products, you know that Apple not only focuses a lot on the design of the outside of a product, but also how its internals are designed.

This allows Apple to make its products thinner and lighter while packing in more features than before, which means that even a slight increase in chip design would have a domino effect on the rest of the laptop’s internals. No word on when this laptop will be announced, but chances are it will be either next month alongside the new iPhones, or the month after.

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