Earlier today it was discovered due to references found in Apple’s tvOS platform, Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale could be headed onto the Apple TV. This was exciting news as it would essentially let Apple TV owners enjoy the game on the big screen, assuming they did not own any gaming console.


Unfortunately for those who were excited by this piece of news, Epic’s Senior PR Nick Chester has since come forward and put an end to the speculation by denying that Fortnite will be coming to the Apple TV. According to Chester, “Epic isn’t planning to bring Fortnite to Apple TV. References to tvOS in the Fortnite files are the result of general Unreal Engine support for the Apple TV platform.”

This sounds like a very definitive answer and one that makes sense. We know that in the past companies have denied rumors only for them to be proven true later, but with the explanation that Chester gave, it sounds like there are really no plans for Fortnite on the Apple TV. Some are asking why not, since Fortnite has been ported to pretty much every platform out there.

We suppose Epic has their reasons, but either way it looks like this rumor is dead in the water. Perhaps Epic will change their minds in the future, but for now don’t get your hopes up.

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