Due to the fact that consoles these days support mouse and keyboard input, it has changed the way some players approach certain games, such as shooters where some console players are starting to use keyboard and mouse combos instead of the gamepad. There are some developers who object to this claiming that it isn’t fair for other console players, and this is something that Epic seems to agree with as well.

The company has recently announced via a post on Reddit that they are working on a matchmaking tech that will soon start to group keyboard and mouse players together, regardless of platform. This means that if you’re a console player playing with a keyboard and mouse, you’ll be grouped together with PC players who are playing with similar setups as well.

We’re not sure if this will only apply to keyboard and mouse players because according to the post, “We’re actually working on some matchmaking tech, on the way, that’ll pair you against folks based on your choice of peripherals.” This seems to suggest that it could work for all types of peripherals.

This means that gamers who play with gamepads will be matched with other gamepad players, while those who play using the touchscreens on their phones will be matched up with other players using similar input methods as well. It sounds like a good idea, although whether or not this could result in a fragmented playerbase remains to be seen.

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