If you’re an Apple Watch user, you might be familiar with a feature called Time Travel on your smartwatch. If you thought that was a particularly useful feature, then you might be disappointed to learn that when watchOS 5 is launched this fall, it appears that the Time Travel feature will be done away as well.


In case you’re not familiar with Time Travel, this is a feature of the Apple Watch where if you turn the digital crown clockwise or anti-clockwise, it will fast forward or rewind time. Of course this isn’t an actual time travelling device, but rather it can be used if you’re looking to see if you have any upcoming calendar events later in the day, or if you want to see what the weather will be like in the next few hours.

Admittedly it isn’t a very well-documented feature and it is possible that there aren’t many who use it, or at least not often enough for Apple to justify keeping it around. We’re not sure why they couldn’t just leave it there instead of removing it, but either way this will be a feature that we’re sure some will miss come watchOS 5.

Apple has over the years with the various builds of watchOS refined and changed the way the Apple Watch works. Some features have been killed off while other functions have changed, so this move does not come as a complete surprise.

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