If you own one of Apple’s newer MacBook laptops, then chances are you are very familiar with the hulking charging brick that belongs to the laptop’s charger. In fact it is so big that sometimes it can actually end up taking up more than one socket due to its sheer size, which means that it leaves you with little room to charge other devices.


However not to worry because Twelve South might have the answer for you in the form of the recently announced PlugBug Duo. This is essentially the successor to the original PlugBug that will snap onto the MacBook’s charging adapter and will add two extra USB charging ports. What this means is that if you have limited space and need to charge other devices via USB, the PlugBug Duo will add two USB ports that you can charge from while charging your MacBook laptop as well.

The USB ports will offer 2.1A power output which will rapid charge current iPhone and iPad models, but note that the USB ports used as USB-A ports, so if you were hoping for a USB-C port then you might be disappointed. Twelve South will also include five adapters with the PlugBug Duo that will allow users to travel to other countries and use it without any issue.

The PlugBug Duo is priced at $50 which is somewhat expensive for an adapter, but if you think that you have a use for it, head on over to Twelve South’s website to get your hands on it.

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