One of the rumored features of the more recent iPhones is that it would adopt an in-display fingerprint sensor. However instead of that, Apple removed the home button and gave us Face ID instead, a facial recognition system. There are some who are still probably hoping that an in-display sensor would still make it into future iPhones, but unfortunately that won’t be the case.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, apparently 2019’s iPhones will not support an in-display fingerprint sensor. Kuo goes on to state that Apple is expected to continue using Face ID as its main security feature for future iPhones and other devices. What’s interesting is that instead of trying to adopt this feature, Android OEMs are looking to adopt in-display sensors as a way to differentiate themselves from Apple.

So far we’ve seen how a few Android OEMs have adopted an in-display sensor, such as Vivo who was more or less the first. It was demonstrated earlier this year at CES 2018 and based on our test of the fingerprint sensor, it works just as well as a regular one, maybe just a tad slower than what was offered from before.

Apple’s iPads this year are also rumored to be sporting Face ID and will be doing away with the home button, and based on that it seems unlikely that we will see Apple revisit fingerprints anytime soon.

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