Gaming addiction is a real thing and in the past we have heard horror stories of how parents have neglected babies by ignoring their cries, or forgetting to feed them, or how people have ended up spending back to back days playing games only to die from it after. This is also why it doesn’t come as a surprise that games can come between relationships.

According to an online service that helps people file for divorces, it seems that they have noticed a trend in some of the reasons as to why people are filing for divorce, and that reason seems to be related to Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royale. The company claims to have “received 200 divorce petitions since January 1st 2018 where addiction to Fortnite and other online games has been cited as one of the reasons for divorce.”

A spokesperson for the company also says that, “addiction to drugs, alcohol and gambling have often been cited as reasons for relationship breakdowns but the dawn of the digital revolution has introduced new addictions.” Now this is just one website which means that it’s hardly definitive, but at the same time given how popular Fortnite has become, we wouldn’t be surprised if addiction to the game has resulted in it driving a wedge between friends, family members, and partners.

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