Users picking and choosing their favorite music is a system that’s easy enough to make. All you need is to ensure that you have a big enough library to choose from. Recommending music on the other hand can be tricky, and this is an area that Spotify has excelled in where their playlists and song recommendations are one of the platform’s better features.

However it seems that Apple isn’t  resting on their laurels because in a report from Axios (via AppleInsider), they claim that Apple might have acquired an analytics company by the name of Asaii. The purpose of this acquisition is apparently to help Apple bolster the recommendations of Apple Music.

The report claims that this deal is said to be worth under $100 million, although it has yet to be officially confirmed. However even if it were to be confirmed, chances are we’ll probably get Apple’s boilerplate statement of how they acquire companies from time to time. That being said, it has been pointed out that on LinkedIn, Asaii’s three co-founders are now listed as executives at Apple Music.

Whether or not Asaii will continue to operate as it is, or if Apple’s acquisition was simply for its tech remains to be seen. However as we have seen in Apple’s past acquisitions, they typically take the tech and incorporate it into existing products, rather than allowing the company to continue to operate independently.

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