Apple Maps did not get off to a very good start. This was despite all the hype that was leading up to its launch. Over the years Apple has done their best to try and improve on it, and to their credit the app has definitely come a long way from what it was at the start. Now thanks to photos shared by Dante Cesa on Twitter (via MacRumors), we’re getting a better idea of how Apple is doing that.

Now we’ve known that Apple has been deploying cars equipped with sensors to drive around and collect data as it drives, and also by using drones. However these photos (see below) show an Apple employee wearing a backpack that is equipped with various sensors that will also help to map out data.

According to MacRumors, these devices include a LIDAR rig, GPS, and multiple cameras, all of which are more or less standard on the cars Apple uses to collect its mapping data. We’re not sure how walking around will differ from the data collection done by cars which is also on street level, but perhaps it could be used to help map indoor locations, or it could potentially also be used to help further improve on accuracy.

Either way Apple has stated their plans to start using their own data and this definitely proves it.  Of course these improvements and changes to Apple Maps won’t happen overnight, but it’s good to see that Apple is actively doing something about it.

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