Usually whenever companies release brand new products or brand new software, more often than not there are issues that might have been missed during the testing phase. This is normal, although it can get rather annoying, which is what some Apple Watch Series 4 users are finding with their brand new purchases.


According to reports, it seems that several Apple Watch Series 4 owners in Australia have run into issues with their smartwatch, namely due to a bug with a complication on the Apple Watch that has resulted in the smartwatch either crashing or being stuck in a boot loop. Apparently this is due to the Infograph Modular face which isn’t handling daylight savings time in Australia too well, causing the watch to crash and reboot.

Apple has yet to officially comment on the issue which means that for now, there does not appear to be a clear fix for it. We imagine that Apple is at the very least aware and hopefully a fix is in the works. Not all users are affected by this and it is unclear as to what could trigger it for some users but not for others.

Some have suggested that if possible, change the watch face on your Apple Watch via the Watch app on your iPhone which should resolve the problem, at least until a fix has been released that will hopefully address the Infograph Modular watch face. Some users are also suggesting deleting the watch face and doing a hard reset. Your mileage may vary but check out this thread on Reddit if you’d like to see what other users are saying.

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