These days with all the focus being placed on digital music, some might find it hard to recall a time when music was only available via physical mediums, such as CDs, cassette tapes, or vinyl. In recent times we’ve seen vinyl make a comeback and if you’re looking for a turntable to enjoy your growing vinyl collection on, the DUO might be of interest to you.


Launching on Kickstarter, the DUO is a unique-looking turntable that features a very modern design, at least more so compared to existing models. The best part is that the DUO is a complete package, meaning that you will be able to start playing it right out of the box, thanks t the fact that it comes with a detachable Bluetooth speaker.

Users are of course more than welcome to use their own sound system if they prefer, but if you’re looking for the complete package, this could be it. Its creators are boasting that the DUO uses aptX Bluetooth for better audio quality, and that if you’d rather not listen to vinyl, the Bluetooth speaker can be used normally to playback music on your phone, tablet, or computer.

There is also built-in support for Alexa for those who are also looking for a device that could potentially be used to control smart devices in their homes. The Bluetooth speaker is said to be rated for 10 hours of playtime, and will have a max distance of 10-15 meters, so bring it with you around the house shouldn’t be a problem. The DUO will be priced at $369 but early birds on Kickstarter can pick it up for $229.

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