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Mechanical keyboards for the most part aren’t cheap. Even the cheapest mechanical keyboards tend to cost more than your average non-mechanical keyboard, but what’s the most you might pay for one? The folks at Rama Works are certainly pushing the boundaries with the launch of the KOYU, a 65% mechanical keyboard that will cost as much as $1,000.

Rama Works is a company based in Australia and they are known in the community for creating some of the more high-end mechanical keyboards. So why the extremely hefty price tag? It is because it matches the hefty weight of the keyboard itself, where it will be made out of solid brass. This will ultimately result in the body of the keyboard weighing a whopping 4,400 grams. There will also be an optional interior weight sold separately that will bring the total combined weight of the body to 5,200 grams.

There is the question of who will pay for such a keyboard, but the thing to note is that collecting mechanical keyboards is a rather niche hobby, which means that smaller keyboard companies such as Rama Works do not have the quantity needed in order to get volume discounts. Also note that the keyboard sold only consists of the frame and the PCB (which offers hot swappable switches), which means that to complete the entire keyboard, adding switches and keycaps could see customers spending an extra $100-$200.

The “good news” is that there are cheaper versions of the KOYU that are made from aluminum. These will cost $360, which is still pricey for a keyboard, and there is also a version made with aluminum and brass that will be slightly cheaper at $800. If you’d like to learn more or maybe buy one for yourself, head on over to their website for the details, but note that the KOYU will only be available for purchase until the 30th of November.

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