It wasn’t too long ago that Telltale announced that they would be shutting down. The company also confirmed that they would be keeping a skeleton crew on hand to help wrap things up, which unfortunately does not involve them finishing up some of their existing projects, such as The Walking Dead game.

Last week Telltale had stated that they are looking for ways to try and complete the game, and now it seems that according to a report from Kotaku, Telltale is apparently trying to seek outside developers to try and finish up the game. According to their sources, it seems like the deal is a bit convoluted.

Basically Telltale is looking for outside studios to complete The Walking Dead Episodes 3 and 4, but as part of the deal, they would have to hire former Telltale staff on a contract basis until the games are complete. It seems like kind of a roundabout way of doing things, but it also makes sense.

After all Telltale employees are already familiar with The Walking Dead series that they’ve helped developed over the years, so to get them on board to help maintain the direction and tone seems like the smart thing to do. In any case only time will tell when the remaining two episodes will be released, so check back with us at a later date for more updates.

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