Late last year Amazon launched the Echo Button. This is a button that would work with Alexa-based games, where users could use it as a trigger to respond to games. It seemed very much like a novelty and didn’t really have much use beyond gaming, but now it looks like Amazon has decided to make it a bit more powerful.

The company has recently enabled support for routines, which means that at a press of a button, the Echo Button will be able to execute an entire routine that you might have already setup beforehand. In a way you could consider it to be a glorified switch, but we imagine that it could come in handy.

For example if you wake up early and don’t want to disturb other people sleeping in the same house as you, you could use the Echo Button to perform certain tasks/routines that you would normally use your voice for. It can also come in handy for guests staying in your home who might not be familiar with your voice commands but still want to access certain smart features of your home.

Of course all of this is predicated under the assumption that you’ve bought into the Amazon Echo ecosystem. If you are interested in getting the Echo Button, they are priced at $20 and are available from Amazon where they are sold two buttons per pack (making it $10 per button which isn’t too bad).

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