When you think of headphones, you might think of brands such as Bose, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Sony, and so on, and chances are that Apple is probably a brand that almost never comes to mind. However according to a study by MIDiA Research (via MacDailyNews), Apple is apparently leading the headphone market.


How so, you might ask? This seems to be thanks to in part due to Apple bundling a free pair of EarPods with each iPhone. Then there is also the AirPods which were mocked when they were first unveiled, but have since gone on to become an extremely popular accessory to the point where it was actually quite hard to get ahold of a pair.

Then there is also Apple’s acquisition of Beats, which many have criticized as being more flash than substance, but thanks to its trendy designs have made them appealing to the masses. All of this has apparently given Apple a 24% market share which puts them ahead of the competition, such as Sony, who commands a 22% share of the market.

As for the more established brands, it seems that Panasonic comes in third place, followed by Bose, and then Skullcandy (another headphone brand that is focused more on fashion/design) in fifth. We’re not sure how accurate this analysis is, but if it is true, it is actually somewhat surprising.

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