While smart devices like the Amazon Echo are great for controlling your smart home objects, finding information online using your voice, and so on, there are some who might also be concerned regarding their privacy, where such smart speakers are typically always-listening which has led some to be worried about having their conversations recorded.

This is also why a judge from New Hampshire has ordered Amazon to hand over recordings from an Amazon Echo device that could be used to aid a homicide case. According to the courts, they believe that the device might have captured audio of the murders and also what happened after.

Interestingly and also somewhat disturbingly enough, this isn’t the first time law enforcement has thought that the Amazon Echo could have captured audio during a murder. It is unclear as to what kind of information Amazon might actually have and if all those recordings might be stored on their servers.

This is because devices like the Echo are only triggered when a certain trigger phrase is spoken, which means that it is unclear as to whether or not such a recording might even exist to begin with, but as far as Amazon is concerned, the company has stated that they will no hand over customer data unless there was a “valid and binding legal demand properly served on us.”

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