According to a report from UploadVR, it seems that Valve could be looking to develop its own virtual reality (VR) headset. This is according to leaked images of an alleged prototype that Valve has developed, along with UploadVR confirming with their own independent sources that such a device could be in the works.


What’s interesting is that this isn’t the first VR headset from Valve. The company had previously worked with HTC on developing the HTC Vive, so technically this headset could be the company’s first own-branded VR headset. Details about the headset are a bit scarce at this point in time, but some of the alleged features include a 135-degree “Vive Pro resolution”, and that it could come with “knuckles controllers”, and a VR-based Half-Life game (sorry Half-Life 3 hopefuls).

That being said, it’s not a stretch to think that Valve would want to make its own brand of VR headsets. The company has in the past launched its own hardware, such as the Steam Controller and Steam Link devices, so the idea of them creating a Valve-branded headset is not surprising, although how different it is expected to be from the HTC Vive remains to be seen.

Valve’s entrance into the VR market can be considered a bit late if you don’t count the HTC Vive, however given that VR hasn’t quite taken off the way many had expected, perhaps Valve was simply biding their time to avoid some of the pitfalls that other companies experienced when they launched their VR devices.

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