While Apple Music got a later start compared to the other streaming services out there, it seems to be catching up pretty quick. Earlier this year it was reported that Apple Music had about 50 million subscribers, but now according to the latest figures from the Financial Times, it seems that that number has jumped to 56 million in about half a year.

It is unclear how accurate these numbers are, but we wouldn’t be surprised that the numbers are increasing which is how it has been so far. It also seems that this surge in subscribers is apparently due to Apple’s aggressive approach towards the service, where they seem to be stepping out of their comfort zone with ideas.

This is according to a quote by a senior executive at one of the “big three” record labels who said, “Apple stumbled out of the gate with an inferior product three years ago. Apple Music did not become this spectacular product like iTunes was. They’re getting more serious . . . they’re coming to us with new ideas all the time, that they wouldn’t have done two years ago.”

There have also been a report in the past that suggested that as far as the US music market is concerned, Apple Music might have already overtaken Spotify, and that they are converting paying customers 2.5 times faster than Spotify, although for the most part Spotify is still very much the overall leader.

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