Several years ago, there was a car crash which resulted in the death of a 5-year old girl. The driver who caused the crash was found to be distracted at that time due to him making a FaceTime. The parents of the girl extended the blame to Apple and sued them for allowing FaceTime to be used while driving.

However it seems that a US appeals court in California has ultimately dismissed the lawsuit against Apple, essentially clearing them of any wrongdoing. The case was actually dismissed earlier this year in May, but the family had filed for an appeal, leading us to today in which the appeals court essentially agreed with the previous ruling, in which they determined that the family suing Apple “cannot establish that Apple’s design of the iPhone constituted a proximate cause of the injuries they suffered”.

That being said, Apple has sort of done something about it. In the iOS 11 update, Apple introduced a Do Not Disturb feature while driving. This feature, which can be toggled on or off, will put your phone into DND mode when it detects that you are driving, and thus notifications such as those from calls and text messages won’t appear and potentially distract you from reacting to them.

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