If you’ve watched the Marvel movies that feature Thor, you know that when Thor gets serious, his eyes start to glow. Now cosplaying as Thor is pretty common and isn’t really anything new, but YouTuber KyleofAsgard has probably taken it to the next level by creating a Thor helmet that makes his eyes glow pretty realistically.


According to KyleofAsgard, the process involved in creating the helmet was to 3D print it using one of the models already available via Thingiverse. It was then given a paint job to make it look weathered and battle-worn. However what makes this helmet unique is that it also houses some electronic components, such as a power pack, a wireless controller, and a set of blacklight LEDs.

This is essential in creating the glowing eyes effect because through the use of a special pair of contact lenses and combined with the blacklight LED, it helps create the effect of eyes that are glowing blue-ish. That being said, as cool as this cosplay helmet is, it is also dangerous and could potentially damage your eyes due to the fact that staring directly into a blacklight is almost the same as staring into the sun, which could cause permanent retina damage.

This means that while turning it on for a few seconds to show off or for a quick photo-op is harmless, we wouldn’t suggest that you go about a cosplay convention with it turned on the entire time.

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