When you buy a new iOS or Android device, by using the same Apple ID or Google account, you can restore purchases from before as well as keep any information you had on your previous device and restore it on your new one. That was the goal when Epic announced plans to allow gamers to link Fortnite accounts together.


This would allow gamers to maintain their progress on their accounts, including purchases of in-game items, across multiple devices that they play the game on. Unfortunately it seems that won’t be happening anytime soon. An announcement by Epic has revealed that the account merging feature has since been delayed to 2019 due to “ongoing technical concerns”.

According to Epic, “Due to some ongoing technical concerns, we will be delaying the Account Merge feature until early next year. We want to make sure that this process is thoroughly tested and working properly before releasing it to those of you currently looking to transfer purchases from other accounts to your primary account.”

This move was made due to Sony’s decision to allow for cross-play for Fortnite on other devices/consoles. Previously gamers on the PS4 were required to have a separate PS4 account, which meant that progress and purchases were not synced.

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