The ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China threatens even the U.S. companies that have their products manufactured in the People’s Republic. Their products could end up costing more if tariffs are imposed on more products that are made in China, a move some fear would raise iPhone prices noticeably, for example. GoPro is taking a pre-emptive step by announcing that it will move almost the entire U.S.-bound action camera production outside China.

GoPro today announced that most of the cameras that it produces for the U.S. market will no longer be made largely in China. It will move “most” of the production outside the country by the summer of next year. The company makes it clear in the press release that it’s taking this step to “mitigate the potential impact of inclusion on any new tariff lists.”

Any tariffs imposed in this trade dispute would not apply to other countries which is why GoPro will keep international-bound camera production in China. The company expects to make this move at a relatively low cost since it owns its production equipment and the manufacturing partner only provides the facilities.

The company hasn’t said where it will now be producing cameras meant for the U.S. market. This doesn’t mean it would necessarily shift production to the United States.

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