We’re sure that Apple would love for everyone to sign up with Apple Music. However the service isn’t available for all platforms, such as Linux where iTunes isn’t available, meaning that Linux users who want to listen to iTunes will need to rely on their phones. That’s one of the main reasons why Redditor NaveedGol decided to make a web version of Apple Music.

Available via PlayAppleMusic.com, this is the unofficial Apple Music player for the web. Now we know that Apple Music can be accessed via the web via widgets that artists can embed on their websites, but this version seems to be able to pull the entire Apple Music library and put it on the web, and if you sign in with your Apple ID, you’ll be able to access your own personal library and playlists as well.

We’re not sure about the legality of such an endeavor, but one of the comments on the post points out that due to the name of the domain, it might run into some legal issues where Apple could contest the name where they would most likely win as well. The OP has stated their plans to eventually change the domain and is currently trying to think up names for it. However you can still go ahead and keep using the current domain as when the new domain launches, users will be redirected to it instead.

In the meantime the launch of this unofficial player has us wondering why Apple doesn’t have a web player to begin with. Platforms such as Spotify and Tidal both allow access via the web, and we imagine that more users, such as Linux users, would sign up for Apple Music if similar conveniences were made, although at the same time we suppose Apple is trying to get users to download its iTunes software which makes perfect sense.

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