We have heard stories of how the Apple Watch has saved the lives of many of its users, such as warning them of an impending heart attack or some abnormalities with their heart rate. Now according to a report from Spectrum Bay News 9, it seems that we have another instance of the Apple Watch saving the life of its user.


However in this particular case, it wasn’t due to any heart issues. The report claims that Amanda Antonio, 20, was driving on east on I-4 at 4am in the morning when another driver cut her off, causing her to lose control of her car which flipped several times before it landed in a ditch filled with mud and water.

During the crash, Antonio had apparently lost her phone, but managed to locate it using her Apple Watch. She then called 911 where according to the transcript, “Hi, I’ve been in a car accident. My car is flipped and I can’t see anything and there’s water getting in the car. I can’t get out.” It seems that the water levels were rising pretty fast as it went up to her chin in a short amount of time.

The dispatcher stayed on the line with Antonio and kept her calm until rescuers could get to her who managed to free her. While the report does not state how Antonio found her phone, chances are she used the ping feature on the Apple Watch which will force a paired iPhone to make a sound to let the user know where it is.

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