While card games, even digital ones, have been around for a while now, it seems that in recent times they are starting to catch on in terms of popularity again. We have to wonder if this might have anything to do with the success that Blizzard is seeing with Hearthstone, but since then we’ve seen quite a few card games launch.


Now it looks like Square Enix wants in on the card game genre as well because they have announced the Final Fantasy Digital Card Game which will be launching for smartphones and the PC. As the name implies, this is a digital card game that will be based around the Final Fantasy franchise and will feature characters from the series.

Players will able to build their own decks and take on other players in PVP battles, with each game said to last for about 12 turns. This means that this game has been designed to be played fast instead of being long and drawn out. It also seems that the designers have opted for an 8-bit style for its artwork so if you are a fan of pixel art, then this could be worth checking out.

Unfortunately for now it seems that the game is only being launched in Japan and it is unclear if there are plans to eventually bring it to other markets. However for those who are interested, it seems that a closed beta has been set to run from the 18-25 of January and those who are interested can try their luck in taking part by signing up here.

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