For a while it seemed like Google’s Allo was the company’s next attempt at creating a consumer-based chat client, with Hangouts being focused towards enterprise users. Google even went as far as creating a web client for Allo that allowed users to chat with each other from their computers.

However now that Allo will be shut down, it appears that Google will be turning their focus towards Duo, the video calling app. A report from 9to5Google has revealed that the company could be working on a web client for Duo, which suggests that if you have a computer with a webcam, you’ll be able to make and receive Duo calls from the comfort of your computer.

It unclear how much of Duo’s features will make it into the web client version, such as the Knock Knock feature which basically lets users see a live video of who’s calling (so they don’t get catfished), and the ability to leave video messages. In a way Google Duo making its way onto the computer is reminiscent of Apple’s FaceTime, with the added advantage that it does not require a Mac computer or an iOS device to work.

No word on when the web client will be released, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

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