While Apple’s iPhones appear to be get weaker in demand with every generation, there is one area that seems to be on the rise: Apple’s wearables which have increased over the years. Apple has made significant investment in its wearable tech, like the Apple Watch, and it shows according to data from Thinknum.


The data from the website has shown that health-related jobs at Apple have increased rather dramatically over the past couple of years. For example back in 2017, the number of jobs that had “health” in its title was around 15, but that number has increased to 75 which represents a 400% increase in health-related jobs at Apple.

Thinknum also found something interesting which was that these positions seem to be related to quality assurance, which suggests that Apple could be in the final stages of something new that they are looking to test and ensure that it meets certain standards. There have been rumors that Apple is working on a glucose band for the Apple Watch that would offer non-invasive methods of reading one’s glucose levels, handy for diabetics.

Apple’s CEO had also recently stated that he wants Apple to remembered by humankind as having played a role in healthcare. Of course exactly what Apple is up to is anyone’s guess, but presumably we should find out later this year with the Apple Watch Series 5.

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